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Who we are

We are specialists in building the high-quality communication networks that connect millions of properties across the UK. From the national fibre networks on which millions of homes and businesses rely upon every day for their voice and data services, to the in-building infrastructure that delivers the latest technology to multiple dwelling units (MDU’s) across the UK.

For over 35 years, Avonline teams have been delivering service excellence on a nationwide basis. We support leading technology and media companies to build and grow their networks and their businesses. We also work with some of the largest public and private landlords to connect their MDU housing stock and equip them with-up-to-date services.

Our services

Working with Avonline

Having supplied over 2.5 million man-days into the field, we understand how teamwork, structure and communications are vital to achieve consistently great delivery. Working with Avonline means integrating the experience of over 25 years designing, building and maintaining fibre networks straight into your project team.

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